What is Disabling an Account and how to Set it Up in CoinEx


?What is the use of disabling an account

You can protect the security of your account immediately through the [Disable Your account] function when you receive [Unknown Sign-in] notification but not operated by yourself, or other account security issues that need to freeze/restrict the transaction, withdrawal, and login functions of the account. After disabling the account, your account will cause the following:

1. All trading capacities and login for your account will be disabled.

2. All API keys for your account will be deleted.

3. All pending withdrawals will be canceled.

4. All open orders will be canceled.

?How to disable an account

1. Visit CoinEx website www.coinex.com, log in your account and click [Account] in the right-top corner, choose [Account Settings].

2. Click [Disable Your Account] on the page of [Account Settings].

3. Click [Disable this account]  after reading carefully the reminder.

4. Click [Confirm] after confirming to disable your account.

After youve disabled your account, if you want to reactivate your account, please sent Ticket to contact CoinEx customer service.


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